• Fuji Xerox Apeosport-II C3300 Color Photocopier

fuji xerox ApeosPort-II C3300
ApeosPort-II C4300,C3300,C2200
An exciting new world with enhanced integration.

The power to integrate business applications.

Introducing the new ApeosPort-II C4300,C3300 and C2200 range of multifunction devices capable of operating at speeds of up to 35/31/26ipm color and 45/35/26ipm monochrome respectively. Combining standard copying,printing and scanning capabilities with optional faxing and versatile paper tray and fi nishing options,your users can now freely manage all their document handling requirements from one easy-to-use portal.To extend the capabilities of our ApeosPort devices beyond those of regular MFD’s,these devices have been built on Fuji Xerox’s innovative Apeos iiX platform. This platform offers a range of solutions designed to enhance effi ciency by streamlining workfl ows and enabling sophisticated connectivity with your existing business applications ... all at the user interface of the device.

 A range of options to meet your needs

Paper Tray Confi gurations

Paper Tray Confi gurations.These devices are available with four fully customizable.500 sheet (A5 to A3) paper trays as standard.Should your workgroup require higher A4 paper capacity,ApeosPort-II C4300 is also available with two 500 sheet (A5 to A3) paper trays PLUS two high capacity (A4/Letter) paper trays bringing its total paper capacity to up to 3,110 sheets.

Finishing Flexibility

Professional fi nishing options will expand your print and copy operations to help you complete the document pro-duction process at the touch of a button. The ApeosPort-II C4300/C3300/C2200’s are available with a range of fi nishing options for you to choose from.
• Offi ce Finisher – Stacker/Stapler
•Advanced Offi ce Finisher – Stacker/Stapler/Hole Puncher
• Professional Offi ce Finisher ++ – Stacker/Stapler/Hole Puncher/Bi-Folder/Booklet Maker


The feature-packed copier on the ApeosPort-II C4300/3300/2200 multifunction devices produces crisp 600 x 600 dpi colour and monochrome copies perfect for any office.Fast fi rst copy output times of 5.7 seconds monochrome and 7.5 seconds colour allow these devices to remain productive at all times whilst their concurrent job processing and load on the run paper capabilities also help improve effi ciency. Built-in Fuji Xerox reliability means outstanding performance even under the heaviest of workloads.

Automatic Colour Sensing Technology
Using inbuilt image sensing technology the ApeosPort-II 4300/3300/2200 automatically recognise colour on a page and will only charge you for what you use.

N-Up Copying and Annotations

Conserve paper and toner by printing multiple pages (up to 32 pages) on one sheet using the N-Up function. Users can also insert customized annotations onto copy documents.

Job Build

Merging and manipulating hardcopy documents is easy with this feature. It allows users to divide a copy job into numerous segments,apply unique settings to each,collate and print all segments; thus eliminating the need for manual copying and collation,see diagram below.


ApeosPort-II C4300/3300/2200 devices are ideal for offi ces that require rapid,high-quality output on a wide variety of media. A powerful Power PC G3 600MHz processor and up to 1GB RAM enable rapid print speeds of up to 35ipm colour and 45ipm monochrome,while their true 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution capabilities are perfect for graphics intensive documents.

WHQL Certifi ed Print Drivers

WHQL cretin ad PCL6 (standard) and Postscript (optional) print drivers are standard with these devices. Boasting a similar easy to use interface you’ll fi nd on our other office multifunction devices,will help to Substantially simplify your print production process.

Driverless Printing

Conveniently,the ApeosPort-II C4300/3300/2200’s allow driverless printing of PDF,TIFF or PRN fi les from any network connected PC via the CentreWare Internet Services web utility. This is helpful for printing at remote locations without having to install print drivers.

Favourite Print Settings

Save time by storing the settings of frequently printed documents in the favourites menu of your print driver. (See print driver image on left).

Delayed Print

Manage your time and device usage more effectively by scheduling large print jobs to run outside your regular business hours.

Additional Print Features

• N-up Printing
• Watermark Insertion
• Save to Mailbox


ApeosPort-II C4300/3300/2200 devices are equipped with the ability to accurately scan a wide variety of documents at rapid speeds of up to 45ipm in colour. Scanned documents can be distributed to one or more e-mail addresses or any network folder/server (via SMB/FTP protocol). The standard 75 sheet Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder also simplifi es the scanning of double-sided documents.

Thumbnail Display (optional)

The retrieval of documents stored at your device is now easier than ever. All the pages of documents saved in any of the mailboxes on these devices can now be displayed as thumbnails for viewing at the user interface of the device (see image below).

Email Restriction

Using the ApeosPort-II C4300/3300/2200 you can now help protect the leakage of confi dential documents by restricting users from sending emails to addresses not listed in the device address book.

Job Flow Sheets

This feature allows you to route scanned documents and/or incoming faxes in a variety of fi le formats to multiple destinations.

Password Protected PDF Documents

Protect the contents of your scanned documents with this feature. Documents scanned as PDFs at the device can now be password protected with restrictions for:

• Opening the document
• Editing the contents of the document
• Selecting and copying contents of the document
• Printing the document

Recipients can only open these with the passwordspecifi ed by the user when scanning at the device.

Browse Network Folders

This feature presents users with a hierarchical view of the entire network at the user interface through
which they can navigate and select the required destination for their scanned fi les. It effectively eliminates the need to remember (sometimes complex) destination folder addresses for manual entry at the device.

Additional Scan Features

• Restrict alterations to the scan to email “From” field
• Access to local or remote (mail server) address books at the user interface.
• Convenient mailbox scanning and retrieval as a PDF to reduce mail server traffic


Available as an option G3 faxing makes these devices ideal for organisations with high volume fax requirements. Up to three lines can carry simultaneous connections for both sending and receiving operations whilst received faxes can be automatically routed to different destinations within the enterprise.

Fax Access Control

Using the ApeosPort-II C4300/3300/2200 you can restrict users from sending faxes to fax numbers not
listed in your predefi ned address book. This will help protect the leakage of confi dential documents and reduce costs by preventing users from using the fax function for non-business related purposes.

Electronic Fax

If you’re concerned about faxes getting lost in amongst piles of other documents,this feature provides peace of mind. It will route incoming faxes to a nominated email address,mailbox or network connected PC for retrieval and further distribution on demand. (see Job Flow Sheet diagram on left).

Fax Re-Send

This handy feature will capture and store undelivered faxes sent directly from the device. As a result,you can now edit the fax number at the user interface and resend if required,without having to rescan the document(s).

Fuji Xerox Apeosport-II C3300 Color Photocopier

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